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February 2020
            At the end of January, the daycare bid a fond farewell to Scarlett and Jackson, who left us to attend a new daycare closer to their new home.   We will miss our old friends BUT we are excited to welcome 2 new children to the daycare in February! 
            Logan, Eden's younger brother, will join us in the beginning of February.  After many months of driving and dropping off at 2 different daycares, I know Eden's parents are excited that there is finally room here for both of their children.  Logan is 2 years old and has visited here a couple of days in early January.  He played well with the kids and made friends easily.  I know he will be a nice addition to our group.  Welcome!
            Adeline is 8 1/2 months old and will also join us in the beginning of February.  The night we met, Adeline was a sweet little lady and I’m excited to get to know her better.  Welcome to your family as well!
            Remember that the daycare will be closed on Monday, February 17--Presidents' Day.  We will be traveling to Wisconsin that day to do a college visit with our daughter Jordan, who is a junior in high school.  This day is an un-paid vacation day for me so you may adjust that week's tuition accordingly. 
            The daycare children will have a Valentine's Day party on Friday, February 14.  They may bring cards or treats for their friends for the party if they wish.  We will decorate bags to hold their valentines so you do not need to send one. There are 8 children at the daycare:  Max, Autumn, Eden, Logan, Everett, Adeline, Bryson, and Kyla.
            During the month of February, the daycare children will spend one week learning about the Eskimo culture, one week focusing on good dental habits, one week learning about the kinds of animals that live in a zoo, and one week celebrating Valentine's Day.
            Here is our calendar for February:
Sunday, February 2                    Groundhog Day
Week of February 3-7                Eskimo Week
Monday, February 3                   Logan and Adeline start at the daycare
                                                  Color groundhog picture
                                                  Color Eskimo picture
Tuesday, February 4                   Color Eskimo picture
                                                  Make walrus project
Wednesday, February 5              Color Inuit picture
                                                   Make dogsled project
Thursday, February 6                  Color vocabulary picture
                                                   Color arctic animals picture
                                                   Make arctic animals sticker project
Friday, February 7                      Max's 4th Birthday Party              
                                                   Color birthday picture
                                                   Color totem pole picture
Monday, February 10                 Color 2 Valentine pictures
Tuesday, February 11                 Fire Safety Day
                                                   Color Valentine pictures
                                                   Do Valentine dot to dot
Wednesday, February 12            Lincoln's Birthday
                                                   Color Lincoln picture
                                                   Color Valentine picture
                                                   Make Valentine cards
Thursday, February 13                Color Valentine picture
                                                   Make Valentine bag
Friday, February 14                    Valentine's Day
                                                   Valentine Party
                                                   Color Valentine picture
                                                   Paint heart magnets
Monday, February 17                  Presidents' Day
                                                   NO DAYCARE--VACATION
Week of February 18-21            Dental Health Week
Tuesday, February 18                 Color 2 dental pictures
Wednesday, February 19            Pajama Party--come dressed in your jammies!!
                                                   Color 2 dental pictures
                                                   Make bed project
Thursday, February 20                Color 3 dental pictures
                                                   Brushing chart
Friday, February 21                     Color 2 dental pictures
                                                    Color Washington picture
Saturday, February 22                 Washington's Birthday
Week of February 24-28             It's a Zoo Week
Monday, February 24                  Color Zookeeper picture
                                                   Color elephant picture
                                                   Color turtle picture
Tuesday, February 25                  Mardi Gras
                                                    Color bear picture
                                                    Do bear dot to dot
                                                    Do animal stickers project
Wednesday, February 26             Ash Wednesday
                                                    Color raccoon picture
                                                    Make raccoon bag puppet
Thursday, February 27                 Color porcupine picture
                                                    Make animal hat
                                                    Make kangaroo project
Friday, February 28                     Color tiger picture
                                                    Color beaver picture
                                                    Color opossum picture  





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