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November 2019
            It is hard to believe the holiday season is right around the corner!  Where did the year go?  Remember that the daycare will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 28 and 29, for Thanksgiving.  Both of these days are paid holidays at the daycare.  Looking ahead into December, also remember that the daycare will be closed from Tuesday, December 24, clear though Wednesday, January 1, opening again on January 2.  Of those 7 weekdays, December 24, 25, and January 1 are paid holidays at the daycare but the other 4 days I am taking as unpaid vacation days.
            During November, the children will spend one week focusing on identifying, writing, and learning the sounds that letters make, one week learning about germs and how to stay healthy, one week enjoying instruments and music, and one week celebrating all we are thankful for at Thanksgiving. 
            As we enter cold and flu season, let's work together to help us all stay healthy.  At daycare,  I remind the children to keep toys and hands out of their mouths, cough into their elbow instead of their hands, use tissues and throw them away, and wash wash wash those hands often and well.  Please try to reinforce these good habits at your home too.  These healthy habits, along with nutritious meals and appropriate amounts of sleep, should keep the kids healthier this winter, which keeps us adults healthier too!
            Here is our calendar for November:
Friday, November 1                         No Daycare--Vacation
Saturday, November 2                     National Bison Day
Sunday, November 3                        Daylight Saving Time ends
Week of November 4-8                   Making Music Week
Monday, November 4                      Bryson's 3rd Birthday Party
                                                        Color birthday picture
                                                        Wind instruments
Tuesday, November 5                      Election Day
                                                        Color election picture
                                                        Vote stickers
                                                        Percussion instruments
Wednesday, November 6                 Make tambourine
Thursday, November 7                     String instruments
Friday, November 8                         Color deer picture
                                                        Marching band
Week of November 11-15               Healthy Habits Week
Monday, November 11                    Veterans' Day
                                                        Color hand washing picture
Tuesday, November 12                    Travel Tots 9:00
                                                        Soap experiment
Wednesday, November 13               Germ puppet show
                                                        Make germ finger puppet
                                                        Color germ picture
Thursday, November 14                   Fire Safety Day
                                                        Color fire safety picture
                                                        Make germy hand
Friday, November 15                       Color doctor picture
                                                        Hand wash magnet
Week of November 18-22               ABC's Week
Monday, November 18                    Color alphabet pictures
                                                        Practice writing letters
Tuesday, November 19                    Color alphabet pictures
                                                        Practice writing letters
Wednesday, November 20               Color alphabet pictures
                                                        Practice writing letters
Thursday, November 21                   Color alphabet pictures
                                                        Practice writing letters
Friday, November 22                       Color alphabet pictures
                                                        Practice writing letters
Week of November 25-29               Thankful Thanksgiving!
Monday, November 25                    Color 2 Pilgrim pictures
                                                        Make Thanksgiving bracelet
Tuesday, November 26                    Travel Tots 9:00
                                                        Color 2 Thanksgiving pictures
                                                        Make turkey centerpiece
                                                        Make stick puppets
Wednesday,. November 27              Color Thanksgiving picture
                                                        Make turkey hat
                                                        Make wood turkey
Thursday, November 28                   Thanksgiving
                                                        No Daycare--Holiday
Friday, November 29                       No Daycare--Holiday





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