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May 2021
Wow, May will be a busy month at the daycare and my home.  Four of the eight children here at the daycare have birthdays in May.  The kids will love having all those birthday parties and cake and ice cream.  Our youngest daughter, Jordan, graduates in May.  It is both an exciting and sad time for us as she does the last of so many activities, graduates, and moves onto the next phase in her life.  The last one of our five children to graduate is bittersweet.
Remember that the daycare will be closed on Thursday and Friday, May 27 and 28, as we get ready for her graduation and party.  These will be unpaid vacation days for me so you may adjust your tuition that week accordingly.  The daycare will also be closed on Monday, May 31, for the Memorial Day holiday, which is a paid holiday at the daycare.
Typically, if there is a tuition increase at the daycare, it goes into effect on June 1.  This year, I am not going to increase tuition so your tuition will remain at $220 for children under the age of 2 and $195 for children over the age of 2.
During the month of May, the daycare children will spend one week learning about the life cycle of plants, one week learning about birds, one week having fun with our annual Daycare Olympics, and one week learning about the use of masks in cultures around the world.
Here is our calendar for May:
Week of May 3-7                       Flower Power Week
Monday, May 3                          Color 2 flower pictures
Tuesday, May 4                          Color 2 flower pictures
Wednesday, May 5                     Cinco de Mayo
                                                    Make Mother’s Day gifts
                                                    Color flower picture
Thursday, May 6                         Color Mother’s Day card
                                                    Do plant sequencing project
Friday, May 7                             Penelope’s 1st Birthday Party
                                                    Color birthday picture
                                                    Color flower picture
Sunday, May 9                            Mother’s Day
Week of May 10-14                    Birds Week
Monday, May 10                        Color 2 bird pictures
Tuesday, May 11                        Isaac’s 1st Birthday Party
                                                    Color birthday picture
                                                    Color bird picture
Wednesday, May 12                   Color 2 bird pictures
                                                    Make bird watch project
Thursday, May 13                      Color bird picture
                                                    Make owl project
Friday, May 14                           Color 2 bird pictures
Week of May 17-21                    Daycare Olympics
Monday, May 17                        Adeline’s 2nd Birthday Party
                                                    Color birthday picture
                                                    Color running picture
                                                    Hopping race
Tuesday, May 18                        Color race picture
                                                    Make sports visor
                                                    Running race
Wednesday, May 19                    Fire Safety Day
                                                    Color fire safety picture
                                                    Color soccer picture
                                                    Soccer goal competition
Thursday, May 20                      Color exercise picture
                                                    Make sports bracelet
                                                    Football toss competition
Friday, May 21                           Color swing picture
                                                    Make sport magnet
                                                    Batting competition
Week of May 24-26                    Masks Around the World Week
Monday, May 24                        Color masks picture
                                                    Make mask
Tuesday, May 25                        Logan’s 4th Birthday Party
                                                    Color birthday picture
                                                    Make mask
Wednesday, May 26                   Color mask picture
                                                    Make mask
Thursday, May 27                      NO DAYCARE—VACATION
Friday, May 28                           NO DAYCARE—VACATION
Monday, May 31                        Memorial Day
                                                   NO DAYCARE--HOLIDAY    





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