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July 2020
I was fortunate enough to receive a second 1-month grant for our daycare.  From June 22 to July 17, your normal daycare contract will again be suspended and your child can attend daycare for the days you need childcare and you only need to pay for the days you used.  Tuition will be $43 per day for children under the age of 2 and $38 a day for children over the age of 2.  I am glad to be able to help some of you who are experiencing a decrease in work time right now or are working from home.  The original plan from the state of Minnesota was to include only these 3 rounds of grants for daycares (I did not receive one in the first round) but if they decide to continue this program, I will continue to apply for the assistance to help you.  
The daycare will be closed for my vacation the week of July 6-10 and the week of July 27-31.  There is no tuition charged when I am on vacation.
Due to changes in activities from Covid, the April 17 date the daycare was scheduled to be closed has been moved to Friday, September 18, and the October 2 daycare closure has been cancelled completely.  The daycare WILL BE CLOSED on Friday, September 18, but WILL BE OPEN on Friday, October 2.  There will be no tuition charged for my vacation day on Sept. 18.
Daycares have received a new protocol chart for Covid and illness exclusion from daycare.  Unfortunately, it still shows exclusion times for ill children and their siblings for up to 14 days even with no positive test results for Covid.  Please read it over and realize we will need to abide by the policy unless or until a new one is given.  It is included with this newsletter.
Like most other businesses, daycares are now required to have a written Covid preparedness plan.  It needs to be posted and given to parents.  Your copy is included in this newsletter.
During the 2 1/2 weeks in July the daycare is open, the children will spend the portion of the week before the 4th celebrating the 4th of July, one week celebrating all the fun things we can do at the beach in the summer, and one week talking about the kinds of animals and work that are done on a farm. 
Here is our calendar for July:
Week of June 29-July 3              The Great USA Week
Wednesday, July 1                      Color flag picture
Thursday, July 2                         Color fireworks picture
                                                    Make 4th bracelet
Friday, July 3                              Kyla’s 2nd Birthday Party
                                                   Color 4th picture
                                                   Color birthday picture
Saturday, July 4                          4th of July holiday
Week of July 6-10                      No Daycare—Vacation
Week of July 13-17                    Beach Babies Week
Monday, July 13                         Color fish picture
                                                    Make fish magnet
Tuesday, July 14                         Color snail picture
                                                    Make sand art
                                                    Make shell crown
Wednesday, July 15                    Color 2 turtle pictures
                                                    Make turtle project
Thursday, July 16                       Color swim picture
                                                    Make ice cream cone project
Friday, July 17                            Color 2 beach animal pictures
Week of July 20-24                     Down on the Farm Week
Monday, July 20                         Color pig picture
                                                    Color chicken picture
Tuesday, July 21                         Color 2 cow pictures
                                                    Make farm sticker project
Wednesday, July 22                    Fire Safety Day
                                                    Color stop, drop, & roll picture
                                                    Color horse picture
                                                    Make animal mask
Thursday, July 23                        Color goat picture
                                                     Make goat
                                                     Do farm animal match
Friday, July 24                             Color farmer picture
                                                     Do barn project
Week of July 27-31                      No Daycare--Vacation





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