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April 2020
                Things seem to change daily but as of this moment, I believe the daycare will reopen on Monday, April 13.  The current information from our governor is that the 3 weeks following the shutdown is similar to the 2 weeks prior to the shut down--stay home when you can and avoid contact when you can.  Unless those things change, the daycare will be open the last 3 weeks of April for the care of children of essential workers or when daycare is needed and necessary for your children. 
                Please keep me informed if any of you have been exposed to COVID-19 or contract COVID-19 and follow the protocol given.  If your child shows signs of ANY respiratory illness or fever, the current guideline is to stay home for 7 days with an additional 3 days after the fever breaks. 
                This is a difficult time for everyone--at home, at work, with layoffs, with illness, with stress. Take care of yourself.  Follow the prescribed cautions to remain healthy.  Keep serious discussions away from children's ears.   We are all having tough times but we will weather the storm and see sunny futures again for our families and our country.                
                Here is our calendar for April:
Sunday, April 12                                  Easter
Week of April 13-17                            Native Americans Week
Monday, April 13                                 Color Sioux picture
Tuesday, April 14                                 Color Iroquois picture
                                                            Study feathers
Wednesday, April 15                            Color Hopi pottery picture
                                                             Make tee pee
Thursday, April 16                                Color corn picture
                                                             Color totem pole picture
Friday, April 17                                     Color 2 buffalo pictures
                                                             Make buffalo
Week of April 20-24                             Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Week
Monday, April 20                                  Handout
Tuesday, April 21                                  Fire Safety Day
                                                             Color hydrant picture
Wednesday, April 22                             Earth Day
                                                             Color Earth Day picture
                                                             Make Earth Day necklace
Thursday, April 23                                 Make recycle wheel
Friday, April 24                                     Arbor Day
Week of April 27-May 1                       Cats and Dogs Week                                                            
Monday, April 27                                  Color cats and dogs picture
                                                             Color dog picture
Tuesday, April 28                                  Color cat picture
                                                             Color dog picture
Wednesday, April 29                             Color  cat picture
                                                              Color dog picture
Thursday, April 30                                 Color cat picture
                                                              Color dog picture
                                                              Do item find project                                                             




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