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September 2020
      Over the last few months, COVID has brought changes to all of our households.  Many of you may have noticed that particularly Max and Autumn have been absent from the daycare.  Autumn has not been at the daycare since mid-March when this all began and Max has only been here a couple of days since the end of June.  Sadly, their parents and I have decided it was time to remove them from our roster and allow some waiting children to begin here in their places.  We will miss them both and yet, I am also excited to welcome two new families to our little group!  A warm welcome to Penelope and Isaac and both of their families!  Penelope and Isaac are both about 4 months old and began at the daycare at the end of August.
       Remember that the daycare will be closed 2 weekdays in September.  The daycare will be closed on Monday, September 7, for Labor Day.  This is a paid holiday at the daycare.  I will also be closing the daycare on Friday, September 18. This is an unpaid vacation day for me so you may adjust that weeks tuition accordingly.  I will be heading out of town on the 18th a run a youth pine car derby for a national Christian scouting organization.
       Remember that our annual tuition increase goes into effect on Monday, August 31.  Tuition will then be $220 per week for children under the age of two and $195 for children over the age of 2.   
       This fall, we will be doing some repair and replacement on the front of our home and property.  It has needed it for quite some time!  Our driveway is in terrible shape, our front steps are cracked and sinking, and we have some crumbling brick on the front of the house that needs to be repaired.  While I am very excited to improve the look of the front of our house, I know the construction work will be an inconvenience for both my family and yours.  While they are working on the driveway and steps, we will need to have children and parents come around to the daycare on the left side of the house and NOT use the normal sidewalk path that goes around the garage side of the house.  There is no sidewalk on the left side and there is a little hill so watch your steps.  I will not have the irrigation system running in the mornings so it is not wet (and you do not get an additional shower).  There is a double gate in the fence there.  It is a little trickier to open that double gate so I will open it in the morning for you and please go ahead and just leave it open for the next family to arrive.  It is right by the daycare door so I will see it and can shut it right away when the kids go outside to play.  It sounds like we will all have to park on the road for at least several weeks until the cement is firmly set to hold the weight of the vehicles.  I know that is not going to be ideal for any of us when there is so little parking at the end of a cul de sac the way it is but I sincerely thank you all for your patience and understanding through all of this!  It will look so nice when it is finally done!!
      During the month of September, the daycare children will spend one week talking about school, one week learning about the 4 seasons, one week talking about feelings and the appropriate ways to express them, one week talking about the wonderful food we harvest in the fall, and we’ll end the month talking about the kinds of things that go up in the air.  Sunday, September 13, is Grandparents Day.  During the week prior, the daycare children will be making and mailing cards for their grandparents. If you could please give me the names and addresses of their grandparents, they can participate in this project.   Thank you! Here is our calendar for September:
Week of Aug. 31-Sept. 4                    Back to School Week
Monday, August 31                            Color school kid picture
                                                            Tuition increase $5 per full time week
                                                            $220 per week under age 2
                                                            $195 per week over age 2
Tuesday, September 1                         Fire Safety Day
                                                            Color school kid picture
                        Color fire drill picture
Wednesday, September 2                    Color school kid picture
                                                            Color pledge picture
Thursday, September 3                       Color school kid picture
                                                            Color library picture
Friday, September 4                            Color bus picture
Monday, September 7                         Labor Day—Holiday  NO DAYCARE
Week of Sept. 8-11                              4 Seasons Week
Tuesday, September 8                         Spring
                                                            Color 4 seasons picture
Wednesday, September 9                    Summer
                                                            Color camping picture
                                                            Grandparents addresses due
                                                            Make grandparents cards
Thursday, September 10                     Autumn
                                                            Color fall leaves picture
                                                            Color Grandparents picture
Friday, September 11                          Winter
                                                            Color snowman picture
                                                            Mail cards
Sunday, September 13                        Grandparents Day
Week of Sept. 14-17                           Feelings Week
Monday, September 14                       Happy
                                                            Make happy face picture
Tuesday, September 15                       Sad
                                                            Color 2 sad pictures
Wednesday, September 16                  Scared
                                                            Make feelings wheel
Thursday, September 17                     Jealous
                                                            Eden 5th Birthday Party
                                                            Color birthday picture
                                                            Make picture frame
Friday, September 18                          NO DAYCARE—VACATION
Week of Sept. 21-25                           Fall Harvest Week
Monday, September 21                       Color apple basket picture
Tuesday, September 22                       Autumn Begins
                                                            Make apple bag puppet
                                                            Color apple orchard picture
Wednesday, September 23                  Make homemade jelly
                                                            Color jelly picture
Thursday, September 24                     Color apple tree picture
                                                            Do farm sticker picture
Friday, September 25                          Native Americans Day
                                                            Color Johnny Appleseed picture
                                                            Make apple photo frame
Saturday, September 26                      Johnny Appleseed Day
Week of Sept. 28-Oct. 2                      Up, Up and Away Week
Monday, September 28                       Color butterfly picture
Tuesday, September 29                       Color bubbles picture
Wednesday, September 30                  Everett 5th Birthday Party
                                                            Color birthday picture
                                                            Color bird picture
Thursday, October 1                           Make airplane
Friday, October 2                                Make bird finger puppet





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