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June 2021
This time of year is such a busy time for my family.  My youngest daughter, Jordan, graduated from high school over Memorial Day weekend.  David and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary on June 6. (And yes, you Math Nerds, those numbers are correct so quit trying to make the math be something it is not. LOL  Yes, we have been married for FORTY years. Yes, we STILL have a teenager. Yes, I am still in my 50’s.  And yes, we were married for several years before we had children.)  Our daughter, Amber, is due to have her first baby on June 7.  And 2 of our daughters have June birthdays as well. It will be a busy and exciting month for my family!
As the weather warms up, I will be using more sunscreen on the children.  Summer also brings a return of those biting insects.  I greatly prefer to treat the yard monthly for mosquitoes rather than use DEET or other products on the children daily to keep them safe from those itchy bites.  I have found the yard treatments to work pretty well so I may only need to use products like Off on a rare day when the bugs are particularly bad.  All of you have filled out a Permission to Administer form when you enrolled your child in daycare.  That form instructs me on what products you want me to use or not use with your children. If you would like to review your form to make any changes, just let me know.   
During June, the children will spend one week learning about bugs, one week learning about the kinds of jobs workers do in our communities, one week learning about the life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly, one week having fun with things we can do outside in the summer, and we finish up the month of June celebrating our great country. 
Here is our calendar for June:
Week of June 1-4                       Bug Week
Tuesday, June 1                        Color ladybug picture
Wednesday, June 2                   Color spider picture
                                                  Make web project
Thursday, June 3                       Color grasshopper picture
Friday, June 4                            Color bee picture
                                                   Make bug project
Week of June 7-11                     Community Workers Week
Monday, June 7                         Color mail carrier picture
                                                   Do mail maze
Tuesday, June 8                         Color construction worker picture
                                                   Do worker sticker project
Wednesday, June 9                    Color police officer picture
                                                   Do road safety project
Thursday, June 10                     Color doctor picture
                                                  Color ambulance picture
Friday, June 11                          Fire Safety Day
                                                  Color dentist picture
                                                  Color firefighter picture
Week of June 14-18                  Caterpillar to Butterfly Week
Monday, June 14                      Color 2 butterfly pictures
Tuesday, June 15                      Color 2 butterfly pictures
                                                  Make butterfly project
Wednesday, June 16                 Color butterfly picture
                                                  Make caterpillar crown
                                                  Make Fathers Day gift
Thursday, June 17                     Color 2 butterfly pictures
                                                   Make Fathers Day card
Friday, June 18                          Color butterfly picture
                                                  Make life cycle wheel
Sunday, June 20                        Fathers Day
Week of June 21-25                  Fun in the Sun Week
Monday, June 21                       Summer begins
                                                  Color hiking picture
                                                  Color camping picture
Tuesday, June 22                      Color swim picture
                                                  Make fish magnet
                                                  Do firefly project
Wednesday, June 23                 Color park picture
                                                  Make sun magnet
Thursday, June 24                     Color ice cream picture
                                                  Make ice cream project
Friday, June 25                          Make sand art
                                                   Make beach crown
                                                   Make fish magnet
Week of June 28-30                   The Great USA Week
Monday, June 28                       Color eagle picture
Tuesday, June 29                       Color fireworks picture
                                                   Make 4th bracelet
Wednesday, June 30                  Kyla’s 3rd Birthday Party
                                                   Color birthday picture
                                                   Color 4th picture
                                                   Last day of daycare    





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