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January 2020
            Another new year is upon us.  As we start a new year of daycare, let's start off on the right foot with a few reminders: 
*  Please send appropriate clothing for your older children to play outside comfortably.
*  Please shut the gate to the yard as you come and go.  Kids can quickly slip out and we want everyone to be safe.
*  Please remember that tuition is due in the MORNING of the last day of the week you attend daycare.  This gives me time to fill out your receipts and finish my bookkeeping during the daycare day.
*  Please have your children leave their own toys at home.  This helps a lot with sharing issues.
*  Please keep your child home if they are contagious or too sick to play and eat normally. 
            Attached to this newsletter is the schedule of the days the daycare is expected to be closed in 2020 for vacations and holidays.  Please mark it down on your home and work calendars. Many parents coordinate their time off from work to match mine or line up a grandparent or niece to watch their children when the daycare is closed.  If you are at work or misplace your copy, it is also on the daycare's website all year long at
            By the end of January, you will receive your W-10 for the total of childcare expenses you paid here in 2019.  If you used more than one daycare in 2019, you should receive a statement from those places as well.  Please keep this information for your tax purposes.
            If you are using a pre-tax account through your employer for your childcare expenses, you can typically submit my weekly tuition receipts for your reimbursement but if you need me to sign a form for your employer, just let me know. 
            Eden's younger brother, Logan, will be visiting us at daycare on Jan. 2 and 3 when I have other children gone from my daycare and his provider is closed.  Logan will be joining us on a permanent basis in February so this is a good chance for all of us to meet and get to know each other in advance of his joining our group. 
            I know all of the children are excited about their new Christmas toys and may want to show them to their friends.  We'll have everyone do this on the same day when we have a Show and Tell day on Friday, January 3.
            We will also have a pajama party on Wednesday, January 22.  This is usually one of the children's favorite special activities each year so we do it often in the winter.  Please have your child come dressed in their jammies that day and we'll do fun pajama party activities like having a movie and eating popcorn and pizza. 
            Every January, we spend one week working on a group project.  It's a good way to spend some time inside if the weather is bitter cold and helps the children learn about working together as a group.  Lessons learned include that the project does not belong to one child, the younger kids color differently than older children do, we need to make decisions together, and no one gets to bring it home.  We'll leave it up for a few weeks after completion so they can enjoy their handiwork.
            During January, the children will spend one week learning about dinosaurs, one week celebrating the fun of snow and winter activities, one week working together on a group project, and one week practicing good manners.   The week we focus on good manners, the children will be working in a manners workbook for part of their lessons.  Look for their books to come home at the end of the week. 
            Here is our calendar for January: 
Wednesday, January 1               New Years' Day            No Daycare--Holiday
Thursday, January 2                   Fire Safety Day
                                                  Color New Years' picture
                                                  Color fire engine picture
Friday, January 3                        Show and Tell Day
                                                  Bring a new toy for show and tell
Week of January 6-10                Dinosaur Week
Monday, January 6                     Color 2 dinosaur pictures
Tuesday, January 7                     Color dinosaur picture
                                                   Dinosaur stickers
                                                   Make scratch dinosaur
Wednesday, January 8                Color dinosaur picture
                                                   Make dinosaur fossils
Thursday, January 9                    Color 2 dinosaur pictures
Friday, January 10                       Color dinosaur picture
Week of January 13-17               Let It Snow Week
Monday, January 13                    Color 3 winter pictures
                                                    Make snowman project
Tuesday, January 14                    Color 2 snowman pictures
                                                    Make snowman project
                                                    Make snowman purse
Wednesday, January 15               Color 2 winter safety pictures
                                                    Make scratch sled project
Thursday, January 16                    Color 3 skate pictures
                                                    Make Frozen sticker project
Friday, January 17                        Color 3 winter pictures
                                                    Make mitten project
Week of January 20-24                Cooperation Week
 Monday, January 20                    Martin Luther King Jr. Day
                                                     Color MLK picture
                                                     Work on tent
Tuesday, January 21                      Work on tent
Wednesday, January 22                 Pajama Party--come dressed in your jammies!
                                                     Color bed picture
                                                     Work on tent
Thursday, January 23                     Work on tent
Friday, January 24                         Work on tent
                                                     Color Chinese New Year picture
                                                      Make Chinese lantern
Saturday, January 25                      Chinese New Year
Week of January 27-31                  Manners Week
Monday, January 27                       Manners workbook
Tuesday, January 28                       Manners workbook
Wednesday, January 29                  Manners workbook
Thursday, January 30                      Manners workbook
Friday, January 31                          Manners workbook
                                2020 Daycare Vacation and Holiday Schedule
            No tuition is charged to parents when I am on vacation.  Parents are also not charged tuition for one week of their vacation each year ONLY IF you have given me at least one month's prior notification of when you will be gone.  Many parents desiring more vacation time choose to schedule time off from their jobs during my vacation when the daycare is closed.  If you desire additional time off at a different time of year, you will need to pay tuition for your additional vacation time.  I will also give you at least one month's prior notification before my vacation but typically, you will receive the vacation and holiday schedule in January for the entire year.
            The daycare is close for the following eight holidays or their observed days:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day,. the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day.  These are considered paid holidays.  Although I usually do not need them, I may take up to two paid personal days off per year for family emergencies, funerals, serious illnesses, etc. and will try to give you as much prior notification as possible.  This list of the dates the daycare is expected to be closed during the year is given to parents in January and is listed on the daycare's website,
2020 Dates:
Wednesday, January 1, 2020                       Year's Day                                   Paid  Holiday
Monday, February 17                                  Presidents' Day                             Vacation
Friday, April 17                                            Vacation                                      Vacation           
Monday, May 25                                         Memorial Day                              Paid Holiday
Monday, July 6                                            Fourth of July (observed)              Paid Holiday
Tuesday-Friday, July 7-10                            Vacation                                      Vacation
Week of July 27-31                                      Vacation                                      Vacation
Monday, September 7                                  Labor Day                                   Paid Holiday
Friday, October 2                                         Vacation                                      Vacation
Thursday, November 26                               Thanksgiving                                Paid Holiday
Friday, November 27                                   Friday after Thanksgiving              Paid Holiday
Thursday, December 24                               Christmas Eve                               Paid Holiday
Friday, December 25                                   Christmas Day                               Paid Holiday
Monday-Thursday, December 28-31            Vacation                                       Vacation
Friday, January 1, 2021                                New Year's Day                           Paid Holiday  





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