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February 2021,
I am sure you are as tired as I am with covid and the ever changing case numbers and restrictions.  The good news is vaccines are in our future.  But there are 2 areas of bad news. The vaccines may be months away at best for the general public and some of the new covid variations appear to be even more contagious.  We may see the light at the end of the tunnel but we are not out of the woods yet.  Please continue to be careful and cautious limiting unnecessary outings and contacts for your family.  And if there are any signs of illness in your household please get your family tested with isolating and quarantining correctly when necessary.
As a childcare provider I was fortunate enough to be randomly selected for my first covid vaccine at the end of January.  I will receive my second dose in February.  I am happy that  this not only will keep me safer but your children safer as well as the more people around them that are vaccinated the less likely they will be to be exposed to the virus by someone else in their life.
Remember that the daycare uses a 20 and 20 rule for outside play in the winter. The temperature AND wind chill must both be above 20 degrees for the older children to play outside.  On those days please send appropriate outer wear if you would like your child to go outside to play in the snow. On other days or if they are missing boots or other things they will stay inside with the little ones.  
I hear lots of talk among the daycare children of new tablets for Christmas or using cell phones and computers for games.  Whether you feel it is good or bad screen time is just a reality in our society anymore and we have realized that even more this past year with so many learning and working from home.  Both children and adults seem drawn to them but that is not necessarily all bad.  All types of technology can be used for learning or to make learning more fun and turn it into a game and the skills learned in keyboarding and navigating the technology are life skills children will need in both school and future occupations.  If you feel comfortable with your child having screen time you can make it time well spent regardless of the type of technology.  On television there are many good learning programs on public television.  Super Why is one of the better ones for learning literacy skills.  For young readers I like turning off the sound and putting the closed captioning on for a program they want to watch.  Then they can still watch their program but they have to read it instead of hearing it.  Getting some kids to read for 30 minutes can be a win in my book. Lots of good learning DVDs are on the market as well to teach numbers and letters and reading and just about anything else you can think of. For those using laptops or tablets or cell phones there are lots of good learning apps out there too with pbskids being a good learning game source. also has a good free preschool app.  Go to their website and click on OUR SOLUTION and you can download the free preschool Flash Doodle app.  I think physical activity is very important for our children but on these cold winter months when we may not get outside so much and the evenings are dark you might want to consider using technology to help teach your child something new.    
On February 12, the daycare children will have a Valentines Day party.  Your child is welcome to bring Valentine cards or treats for their friends if they would like.  There are 8 children at the daycare.  We will make containers to hold our Valentines so you do not need to send a box or bag for your child. 
During February the daycare will spend one week learning about the Eskimo culture one week celebrating Valentines Day one week learning about good dental habits and one week learning about the kinds of animals that live in a zoo.   
Here is our calendar for February.
Week of February 1to 5                      Eskimo Week
Monday  February 1                           Color Eskimo picture
                                                           Color birthday picture
Tuesday  February 2                           Groundhog Day
                                                           Color groundhog picture
                                                            Do groundhog maze
                                                            Make groundhog bag puppet
                                                            Color Eskimo picture
Wednesday   February 3                      Color Inuit picture
                                                            Color vocabulary picture
Thursday  February 4                          Color totem pole picture
                                                            Make dogsled project
Friday  February 5                              Color Arctic animals picture
Week of February 8 to 12                    Valentines Week
Monday  February 8                            Color Valentine picture
                                                             Make Valentine bracelet
Tuesday  February 9                             Fire Safety Day
                                Color fire safety picture
                                Color Valentine picture
                                Make Valentine cards
Wednesday  February 10                     Color Valentine picture
                                                             Make Valentine bracelet
Thursday  February 11                         Color Valentine picture
                                                             Make Valentine bag
Friday  February 12                             Lincolns Birthday
                                                             Chinese New Year
                                                             Valentines Party
                                                             Color New Year Picture
                                                             Color 2 Lincoln pictures
                                                              Make heart magnet
Sunday  February 14                             Valentines Day
Week of February 15 to19                     Dental Health Week
Monday  February 15                           Presidents Day
                                                              Color 2 dental pictures
Tuesday  February 16                           Mardi Gras
                                                              Color 2 dental pictures
Wednesday  February 17                       Ash Wednesday
                                                              Color 2 dental pictures
Thursday  February 18                          Pajama Party. Come dressed in your jammies.
                                                              Color 2 dental pictures
Friday  February 19                               Color 2 dental pictures
                                                              Toothbrushes and charts
Week of February 22 to26                     Zoo Week
Monday  February 22                            Washingtons Birthday
                                                              Color zoo picture
                                                              Color Washington picture
Tuesday  February 23                           Color elephant picture
                                                              Make animal bracelet
Wednesday  February 24                       Color bear picture
                                                               Do bear dot to dot
Thursday  February 25                           Color tiger picture
                                                                Make leopard
                                                                Do animal cut project
Friday  February 26                                Color beaver project
                                                                Do animal match
                                                                Make foam animal     





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