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March 2021
That extended cold snap in February made the month seem to last forever.  This warm spell makes me very excited for spring.  The kids have had a bout of cabin fever but getting outside again has been wonderful for them too.  We will go outside as often as we can.  Through the spring, we may have times when it is so wet, it just soaks through their snow pants, leaks into boots, and turns the yard into puddles and mud.  We may have a few spring days when we have to stay inside just to keep the kids dry and let the yard dry up but that usually does not last very long until we can be outside again.  Once the majority of the snow is gone, you may want to continue to send boots and snow pants for awhile just to help keep the kids warm and dry while outside. 
We may still have days or weeks when it is cold and snowy followed by warm and melting.  When that happens, it is not unusual for the sidewalk to the daycare to have melted snow refreeze to ice.  We keep a close eye on the path this time of year but the melting and refreezing can happen very quickly.  If you happen to see icy conditions, please feel free to throw down some sand or salt from the buckets located at both ends of the sidewalk and please let me know if the buckets are getting empty or when we need to go out and scrape off what ice that we can.  I want to make your trip to and from the daycare as safe as possible.  Spring thawing and ice is the most challenging time for our sidewalk.
During the month on March, the daycare children will spend one week learning about different countries around the world, one week learning about poison awareness, one week learning about our five senses, one week talking about the kinds of animals that have their babies in the spring, and the end of the month celebrating Easter. 
Although we have all grown more than tired of covid, a spike in cases from the variant is expected to hit us in March and April so please continue to be careful and cautious in your contacts with other people.  We have been very fortunate not to have had covid close down our daycare so far when many daycares have had multiple closings.  I’m hoping our good luck continues.  I have received the vaccine so I should be safe from contracting the virus but the daycare could still be shut down if someone else brings in the virus, then the children exposed here would all have to stay home and isolate, making work more difficult for many of you. 
Although the daycare usually has an Easter egg hunt party for the children and their families, due to covid, unfortunately I am not going to schedule it this year.  I would not want to take the chance of putting all our families close together and then have many of you seeing others shortly afterwards for Easter.  If someone coming to our egg hunt would unknowingly have covid, that could mean spreading it to a larger group than we would from our typical distanced daycare contact and I do not want to take that chance for your families.  I am sorry.  I am hoping for a normal Easter in 2022.
Here is our calendar for March
Week of March 1 to 5                           Around the World Week
Monday, March 1                                 China
                                                              Color 2 China pictures
Tuesday, March 2                                 Read Across America Day
                                                              Color library picture
                                                              Color 2 Sweden pictures
Wednesday, March 3                             Italy
                                                              Color 2 Italy pictures
Thursday, March 4                                Mexico
                                                              Color 3 Mexico pictures
Friday, March 5                                     Africa
                                                              Color 2 Africa pictures
Week of March 8 to 12                         Poison Safety Week
Monday, March 8                                 Color poison picture
Tuesday, March 9                                 Color poison picture
Wednesday, March 10                          Pajama Party—come dressed in your jammies
                                                              Color poison picture
                                                              Make bed project
Thursday, March 11                              Color poison picture
Friday, March 12                                  Color 2 poison pictures
Sunday, March 14                                 Daylight Saving Time begins
Week of March 15 to 19                        Five Senses Week
Monday, March 15                                Fire Safety Day
                                                              Color smell picture
                                                              Color fire safety picture
Tuesday, March 16                               Touch
                                                              Color 2 touch pictures
Wednesday, March 17                           St. Patricks Day
                                                              Color hearing picture
                                                              Color clover picture
                                                              Make leprechaun finger puppet
Thursday, March 18                              Taste
                                                              Color taste picture
                                                              Make 5 Senses book
Friday, March 19                                   Sight
                                                              Color sight picture
                                                              Make Spring sun catcher
Saturday, March 20                               Spring Begins
Week of March 22 to 26                        Spring Animal Babies Week
Monday, March 22                                Color kitten picture
                                                               Make spring magnet
Tuesday, March 23                                Color bunny picture
Wednesday, March 24                           Color squirrel picture
Thursday, March 25                              Color lamb picture
Friday, March 26                                   Color puppy picture
                                                               Do born or hatch project
Sunday, March 28                                  Palm Sunday
Monday, March 29                                 Color Easter picture
                                                               Make bunny magnet
Tuesday, March 30                                Color 2 Easter pictures
                                                               Make felt egg ornament
Wednesday, March 31                           Color Easter picture
                                                               Make foam egg animal
Thursday, April 1                                   Maundy Thursday
                                                                April Fools Day
                                                               Color 2 Easter pictures
                                                               Make foam egg magnet
Friday, April 2                                        Good Friday
                                                                Dye Easter eggs
                                                                Color Easter picture
                                                                Make Easter hat






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