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December 2019
            It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner!  Where did the year go?  Remember that the daycare will be closed from Tuesday, December 24, clear though Wednesday, January 1, opening again on January 2.  Of those 7 weekdays, December 24, 25, and January 1 are paid holidays at the daycare but the other 4 days I am taking as unpaid vacation days.
Any tuition you want to claim for 2019 taxes, needs to be paid by December 31. You will receive a W-10 childcare expenses form from me by the end of January.  It will contain the total for all of the childcare you paid here for 2019.  Please keep this for your tax purposes.  If your child attended daycare at more than one daycare during 2019, you should receive a W-10 from them as well.  If you have not received one by the end of January, you should contact them. 
In January, you will receive the list of all the dates the daycare is expected to be closed in 2020 for either holidays or vacations. 
I will have one opening at the daycare to begin in February.  It can be for an infant or child of any age.  I am currently meeting with new families so if you have any friends needing new childcare around that time, now is the time to refer them.  Thanks!
Please continue to send winter outer wear for your children to play outside on days when the temperature and wind chill are above 20 degrees.  Feel free to leave snow pants, boots, mittens, etc., on their hooks or in their cubbies if that is more convenient for you.  If there are days when you would rather your child stay inside, due to the sniffles or other reasons, please just let me know.  It is not a problem for the group as a whole as there are always some infants or toddlers staying inside.  
The daycare children will be having a Christmas party on Monday, December 23.  You do not need to send anything as I will have activities and presents for all of the children.  But if you choose to send  a treat or trinket for your child's friends, I will have stockings hung for all of the children.
During December, the daycare will spend one week talking about shapes, one week learning about appropriate ways to exercise and burn off energy while inside in the winter,  and the remainder of the month celebrating Christmas.  During our shape week, we will be coloring paper quilt squares, seeing how smaller triangles and squares can fit together to make larger shapes.  At the end of the week, we will assemble our quilt and hang it on the wall.  During our week focusing on indoor exercise, we will use a variety of exercise DVDs, learning about yoga, stretching, dance, and aerobic exercises.
Here is our calendar for December:
Sunday, December 1                  Advent begins
Week of December 2-6             Shapes Week
Monday, December 2                Color 2 oval pictures
                                                  Make Advent calendar
Tuesday, December 3                Color 2 circle pictures
                                                  Color quilt block
Wednesday, December 4           Color 2 triangle pictures
Thursday, December 5               Color 2 rectangle pictures
                                                  Color quilt block
Friday, December 6                    Color square picture
                                                  Assemble quilt
Week of December 9-13            Indoor Exercise Week
Monday, December 9                 Exercise DVD
                                                  Color exercise picture
Tuesday, December 10               Exercise DVD
                                                   Color exercise picture
Wednesday, December 11          Fire Safety Day
                                                   Color fire engine picture
                                                   Make firefighter hat
                                                   Exercise DVD
Thursday, December 12              Exercise DVD
                                                   Color exercise picture
Friday, December 13                  Exercise DVD
                                                   Color exercise picture
Monday, December 16               Make Christmas list
                                                   Color wreath picture
                                                   Make foam tree
Tuesday, December 17               Color candy cane picture
                                                   Color tree picture
                                                   Make glitter tree
Wednesday, December 18          Color 2 stocking pictures
                                                   Make stocking project
Thursday, December 19               Make gingerbread man
                                                   Make cookie magnet
                                                   Make deer ornament
Friday, December 20                  Color 2 gift pictures
                                                   Make Santa project
Sunday, December 22                 Winter Begins
Monday, December 23               Daycare Christmas Party
                                                   Color Nativity picture
                                                   Color Santa picture
                                                   Make candy cane hat
                                                   Do sticker Nativity scene
Tuesday, December 24               Christmas Eve--No Daycare--Holiday
Wednesday, December 25          Christmas Day--No Daycare--Holiday
Thursday, December 26              No Daycare--Vacation
Friday, December 27                  No Daycare--Vacation
Monday, December 30               No Daycare--Vacation
Tuesday, December 31               New Years' Eve--No Daycare--Vacation
Wednesday, January 1                New Year's Day--No Daycare--Holiday
Thursday, January 2                    Daycare Resumes 





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