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October 2020
As we move into October and more fall weather, please remember to send appropriate outer wear for your children so they can play comfortably outside.  The older children will spend time outside every day that the weather permits, through the fall and winter.  Once the weather gets too cold for the infants or the snow is too deep for the toddlers, I will keep those children inside with me during our outside play time and my husband, David, will supervise the older children outside during this time of our day. 
Fall and winter also brings cold and flu season.  This year with covid, navigating our way through both the pandemic and common illnesses will be a challenge to say the least.  The protocol we are required to follow will likely mean more days children will need to stay at home,  a longer number of days at home for each illness, more visits to the doctor to confirm just what illness they have, etc.  I continue to get new and updated decision trees to follow and as they change what we are required or recommended to do and follow, I will pass that info along to you as well.  Regardless of whether we like it or even agree with it, both providers and parents will be required to follow the protocol.  It is what it is this year.  I know we’re all more than tired of all of this but continuing to wash frequently, wear masks, and social distance remain our first and best defense to stay healthy.  Let’s just hope for improvements sooner rather than later.  The newest covid protocol I have received is included with this newsletter. 
Covid will likely bring changes to how children celebrate Halloween this year as well.  Understandably, some families or towns may skip it entirely.  That will make our own little daycare Halloween celebration even more important and special for the children as they can dress up and celebrate here within a group they are already being exposed to even if they cannot go around their neighborhood trick or treating.  If your child has a costume this year, they may wear it for our Halloween party on Friday, October 30.  If you would like to send treats or trinkets for your child to share with their friends at the party, special stipulations are in place this year for covid safety:
Please send only individually wrapped, purchased treats or trinkets.
No homemade treats.
Please send any items for the party to the daycare BY WEDNESDAY, OCT. 28.  I will then set the items aside in my office until the day of the party so any chance of contamination from one home to another is reduced. 
I will supply Halloween bags for the children for their party items. 
And as always, it is totally fine if you do not send any treats for our party.   
Apparently, driveway construction is very similar to road construction.  Our driveway project has been delayed due to weather and other factors but we have been assured they will be here and working in early October.  Once they begin working, we will need to have you go to and from the daycare down the left side of our house rather than our normal sidewalk around the garage side.  That double gate on the left can be tricky so I will leave it open in the morning and please just leave it open for the next family arriving after you.  Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!
  During the month of October, the daycare children will spend one week celebrating the beauty and fun of the fall leaves, one week learning about the Golden Rule of treating others the way we’d like to be treated, and the rest of the month celebrating Halloween stories and crafts.
Here is our calendar for October:
Week of Sept. 28-Oct. 2             Up, up, & Away Week
Thursday, October 1                   Make airplane
Friday, October 2                        Make bird finger puppet
Week of October 5-9                  Fall Leaves Week
Monday, October 5                     Color fall leaf picture
Tuesday, October 6                     Color squirrel picture
Wednesday, October 7                Color tree picture
Thursday, October 8                   Fire Safety Day
                                                    Color fall leaf picture
                                                    Color stop, drop, & roll picture
Friday, October 9                        Make leaf crown
Week of October 12-16              Golden Rule Week
Monday, October 12                   Columbus Day
                                                    Color Columbus Day pictures
                                                    Golden Rule book
Tuesday, October 13                   Golden Rule book
Wednesday, October 14              Golden Rule book
Thursday, October 15                 Golden Rule book
Friday, October 16                      Golden Rule book
Monday, October 19                   Color Halloween picture
Tuesday, October 20                   Color Halloween picture
Wednesday, October 21              Color Halloween picture
Thursday, October 22                 Color Halloween picture
Friday, October 23                      Color Halloween picture
Monday, October 26                   Color Halloween picture
Tuesday, October 27                   Color Halloween picture
Wednesday, October 28              Color Halloween picture
                                                    Optional treats are due today
Thursday, October 29                 Color Halloween picture
Friday, October 30                      Daycare Halloween Party
                                                    Color Halloween picture
                                                    Make Halloween hat
                                                    Make foam pumpkins
Saturday, October 31                  Halloween
Sunday, November 1                  Daylight Saving Time Ends





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