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2021 Daycare Vacation and Holiday Schedule
     No tuition is charged to parents when I am on vacation.  Parents are also not charged tuition for one week of their vacation each year ONLY IF you have given me at least one month prior notification of when you will be gone.  Many parents desiring more vacation time choose to schedule time off from their jobs during my vacation when the daycare is closed.  If you desire additional time off at a different time of year, you will need to pay tuition for your additional vacation time.  I will also give you at least one month prior notification before my vacation but typically, you will receive the vacation and holiday schedule in January for the entire year.
     The daycare is closed for the following eight holidays or their observed days: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day.  These are considered paid holidays.  Although I usually do not need them, I may take up to two paid personal days off per year for family emergencies, funerals, serious illnesses, etc., and will try to give you as much prior notification as possible.  The list of the dates the daycare is expected to be closed during the year is given to parents in January and is listed on the daycare’s website,
2021 Dates:
Friday, January 1, 2021            New Years Day                  Paid holiday
Thursday, May 27                    Vacation                             Vacation
Friday, May 28                         Vacation                             Vacation
Monday, May 31                      Memorial Day                    Paid holiday
Monday, July 5                         Fourth of July (observed)  Paid holiday
Tuesday-Friday, July 6-9         Vacation                              Vacation
Week of August 2-6                 Vacation                              Vacation
Monday, September 6              Labor Day                           Paid holiday
Thursday, November 25          Thanksgiving                      Paid holiday
Friday, November 26               Friday after Thanksgiving  Paid holiday
Friday, December 24               Christmas Eve                     Paid holiday
Monday, December 27            Christmas Day (observed)   Paid holiday
December 28, 29, 30               Vacation                               Vacation
Friday, December 31, 2022     New Year’s Day (observed) Paid holiday
School-Friendly Vacation Policies
     Parents who are students or school employees can choose to follow the same vacation policies as those set for the rest of the daycare families, which is one week of tuition free vacation time off on the dates of their choice with one month prior notification.
     However, in consideration of the many days that schools are closed, an alternative vacation policy is available to the families at the daycare who would prefer to use a school friendly schedule if a parent is a student or on a school staff.
The school-friendly alternative policy is as follows
     One week vacation at Christmas  The week between Christmas and New Years Day.  The week that the daycare will be closed for each particular year will be on the daycare’s vacation and holiday schedule for that year.  If any holiday dates are included within the week the daycare is closed, the holidays are considered paid holidays.
     One week of tuition free vacation during spring break.  Whenever observed by your school.
     Tuition free summers off from daycare.  Typically, this is from approximately  the middle of June to the middle of August.  A part time daycare schedule may be possible only if license capacity space allows. 
     If there will be room for your child at the daycare for the following school year, your child’s spot at the daycare will be held for you for the following fall with no charge or deposit. 
     Tuition to be paid for holidays only during the times of the year your child is present in childcare.
     Tuition to be paid for days your child is sick or absent if normally scheduled to be present in childcare.
NO additional week of tuition-free vacation at dates of your choice.







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